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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On the Other Hand.

And in sharp contrast to Labor Girl:


She rolled in by ambulance. Well, ok, the roads were a bit treacherous.

EMT: "23 year old female, fourth baby, term, her water broke about 20 minutes ago, she usually delivers an hour after her water breaks."


I'm getting her hooked up to the monitors, asking the usual questions...

Any health problems? No.
Any problems during the pregnancy? No.
Clear fluid? Yes.
Any bleeding? No.
Feeling the baby move? Yes.
Who is your doctor? I don't have one.


I don't have one.

You didn't see anyone during the pregnancy? No.
Not even one time? No.

Okie doke.

How do you know how far along you are? I'm about 9 months.


Is there anyone on the way to be with you? No, my husband is home with our other children.

Oh my.

I said, "It's ok, honey. We're here with you." And I held her hand.


She did deliver a term infant about an hour after her water broke. Doesn't like doctors. Doesn't like hospitals. But my baby will be just fine.

And she's probably right.

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Judy said...

Women like her are why Baltimore city started a program of home visitors. They go out and hunt down pregnant women -- really. They ask around the neighborhoods and find women who've been avoiding prenatal care for a variety of reasons. We still get women coming in without prenatal care, but supposedly the numbers are dropping. Couldn't prove it by me.

I just love when they come in fully abrupted, seizing or in DKA. Just makes our day in the NICU. Those things can happen with prenatal care, but your odds of surviving are just a little higher.

And yes, most of the moms and babies who come in NPC ARE just fine, but I still don't get it.