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Thursday, February 22, 2007

And the Meme Goes On...


/jo and Kim have both posted their *must-have* lists, and tagged a few of my other favorite bloggers...

This meme is proving to be an interesting glimpse inside other nurses' heads.

How do you come up with the four things you really think you can't live without?
Where do you start?
Where do you draw the line?

What do you covet?
What do you really desire that is just beyond your grasp?

These are not things we often sit down and mull over, unless prompted.

I found "What I Covet" to be most challenging and revealing. There are any number of things that I'd really like to have, but when the thought of a real vacation occurred, I could feel my heart beat a little faster, my adrenaline begin to surge. I usually put desires like this far from my conscious mind because I know how unlikely they are to become reality, at least anytime soon. But all the same, we must have something to dream about, something for which to strive. The mental pictures evoked by thoughts of a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of a small Italian village, a vigorous walk up the winding staircase at the Basilique de Sacre-Coeur, an hour or two or four wandering the halls of any museum. For whatever reason, these images motivate me, give me that essential burst of energy, that ray of hope that there may be more to this than day in, day out, week after week. A peek into the future, if I can hold onto it and make it mine.

I'm off to save the world, or at the very least a bunch of moms and babies!

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JustCallMeJo said...

Save the babies, yes.

And then it's great to go meander somewhere that is ELSE.