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Monday, January 22, 2007

How Will Nurse Blogging Change You?

Since embarking on this nurse blog journey, I've noticed several changes in myself, both practical and philosophical. Perhaps these are changes that would have occurred in the natural evolution of my nursing career... I'll never know.

I am increasingly aware of issues about which I would never have given a second thought, and I have started to apply what I'm learning at the bedside. I've also found myself becoming more lucid and verbal in work-related situations which I previously would probably have either ignored or gone with the status quo. Lately, I look at nursing issues (and sometimes life as a whole) from a new and wider perspective.

Take some time blog-hopping, described here by the Curmudgeon. Or simply read through a few of the links on my sidebar. You'll see what I mean.

I have to conclude that reading up on the opinions and experiences of the other medical bloggers out there, and responding or at least pondering a response, has changed me. Perhaps not always for the better. I have to admit I've been caught up from time to time, mindlessly lurking from one blog to the next, soaking up useless and sometimes utterly personal information from the multitude of blogs available.

However, if I peruse with a purpose (wink), sometimes I am struck with inspiration. To change my practice, adjust my attitude, or be called to action. All of which, I find, are stretching my limits and my yearning for growth and knowledge anew.

At times, I am also discouraged by what I read. I must confess that I am humbled by the bloggers whom I admire, those who write both prolifically and eloquently on a level to which I aspire. But if I stay silent until I measure up, this blog will lay dormant forever. It is those I seek to emulate who make me both afraid to click the "Publish" button and compelled to do so.

Speaking of my heroes, you can read Kim's ideas for beginning nurse bloggers here. See what I mean? Witty, comprehensive, insightful? Check, check, and check.

I'd love to hear how blogging has changed YOU... for better or worse. After all, this dialogue is what blogging is all about.

Or something.


oncRN said...

nice post. so much of it for me is about unloading - making space in myself - so i have room for all the new stuff that's inevitably coming my way.

DisappearingJohn said...

There is a lot of truth in what oncrn said. I started blogging as a stress relief in nursing school, then found I enjoyed it, and the almost feeling of camraderie I feel from the other bloggers out there, even though I have yet to meet any of them!

But a great post. Always have faith in what you write! You write very well..