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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bone Tired

I am not even kidding.

When I finally get myself a friggin' pedometer, I am totally going to get on here and brag. I must have walked/run at least 8 miles last night.

And when we're already crashing a patient who's bleeding out, is it really necessary to clue me in on the fact that the patient who was 8 cm when she got to triage is (oopsy) also BREECH?

So what if I'm in charge? At that point, I just don't wanna know.

Realized at 5:00am that I never ate lunch.

Too late now. I'm sure I'll make up for it at a later date. You know how we nurses like to enable each others' eating habits at the holidays!

Off to bed... I feel a coma coming.


Mother Jones RN said...

Sleep well, my friend. You've earned a good night's rest.


Anonymous said...

bless your peapickin heart,one of THOSE days,eh? and i really enjoy your posts,really REEK of the truth