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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Food for Thought

How not to make friends with the Neo charge nurse: give her a 28 weeker, 30 week twins and then 30 week triplets over the course of about 4 hours.


I'll try to remember that one next time.

Probably best not to mention the 26 weeker with a bulging bag at this point, huh?


Laura said...

you planned all of this didn't you?

Mother Jones RN said...

You did that on purpose, didn't you. I know you're out to get her. LOL


apgaRN said...

Ha! Ha!
Actually, I thank God every time the Neo team comes for delivery. She's the last person I want to offend, and yet... sometimes there's just not a thing we can do to keep those babies from coming!

justcallmejo said...

Just reading that made me shudder in gratitude that my hospital doesn't even DO l&d and babies and peds.

I'm so happy there are good nurses who do what you do and equally happy I deal with BIG babies. Got a chance of finding their veins and all.

Iris/Rissy said...

I would be a mass of quivering jello in the corner babbling and playing with my toes.

I work rural, we keep nothing under 37 weeks. We TRY to get the docs to refer all high risk stuff out. But there is always that once that something comes in, unexpectedly, that throws you for a loop. Thank goodness we have an awesome Medical Transport that utilizes helicopters to our small hospitals. So far, I have been lucky.

apgaRN said...

Jo and Rissy... I know what you mean! I've worked at a small, rural hospital before. The only reason we can do what we do (where I work now) is that we have the backup and resources to support us. I think that some of the nurses at smaller hospitals get a little too confident for their own good: I had one nurse tell me, "Oh, it's fine... sometimes we just have to bag the baby until transport comes." (GAH!) No thanks. I like my huge neonatal ICU and lots of NNPs and neonatologists right around the corner when I need them!