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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Start

I'll never claim to be an expert with my finger on the pulse of nursing issues. With the time I might find to devote to this blog, I can't possibly hope to be as well-informed and widely read as many of those whose blogs I have witnessed. This blog will be primarily for self-expression, exploration and amusement. A place for the rational and not-so-rational sides of me to meet. Congregate. Who knows what might happen? I enjoy perusing the other nursing and medical blogs and would like to think that I might have a unique perspective to offer. Any comments are welcome. I look forward to the communication and fear only that my little corner of the blogosphere will be undeserving of the readers who may venture here. Oops, little too much honesty and melodrama there for a minute. (deep breath) Salad tongs, anyone?

1 comment:

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