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Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's been a long weekend on L&D (busy, stressful, all-out-cuckoo?)... you would think that I might be smart enough to come home and crawl right into bed.

But no: I went looking around the internet, and accidentally (or serendipitously) came across an infant bereavement photography website. Couldn't help myself... I started paging through.

And I came across this stunning eulogy that I felt compelled to share. Please be aware, the website also contains photographs of ill and dead infants. However, this father's words were amazing and uplifting in the face of such sadness. I think that it speaks to much of the grief that those of us who work on L&D and particularly in NICU carry with us.

If anyone is in need of a good emotional release, I know it worked for me.

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